Breakfast? How important is it and why?

💡 A balanced & healthy breakfast can help you provide your body with important nutrients right after getting up and thus keep your blood sugar levels more constant throughout the day. Especially in the morning, the food can be processed a little better by the body.

❌ If you skip breakfast, it can often cause your blood sugar to drop throughout the morning, causing cravings for sweets and unhealthy things. Thus, coffee and caffeine consumption may also increase due to lack of energy.

✅ A healthy breakfast should provide you with all the important nutrition blocks such as long-chain carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, and healthy fats, so you can start the day with energy.

📈 However, this is not always so easy, because most breakfasts made of ready-made cereals, refined pastries, spreads, fruit juices and the like are too high in carbohydrates or sugar. As a result, your blood sugar rises sharply, and fat burning is interrupted. The sharp increase leads to a high insulin production resulting in cravings and an increased calorie intake during the day.

🤩 Our concept and the many delicious breakfast options such as bowls, smoothies, puddings or pancakes will help you to kickstart the day and build a solid foundation for your physical results.

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