When will I see results?

💡 Each body is different and the results strongly depend on the respective goal. Some notice changes after a week, others after a month. Sometimes, however, it can also take three to four months to achieve visible results … every pace is good as long as something changes.

The following facts are to be considered:


Overweight people, who have probably not eaten very balanced or nutrient-optimized, often see faster successes compared to normal weight „advanced“ people. One reason for this is that the larger mass e.g., needs more energy when moving. That’s why heavier people burn more calories than normal weight people during the same workout.


Losing weight can go very quickly. It is not uncommon to notice a difference on the scale after the first week. Often, however, it is water deposits that you lose first. Of course, it makes you happy when the number on the scale goes down quickly. However, be aware that a steady and healthy pace is crucial for your sustainable results.

Muscle building (a large, dense muscle burns more calories!) on the other hand, takes a little longer in any case. The first visible changes often take three months to arrive – STAYING ON TRACK IS THE MOTTO.


Don’t worry and stress yourself. It is not about quick fixes how to reach your goal in the shortest possible time. This would also work with hunger and eating nothing, for example. Better, create a healthy and active lifestyle that you enjoy and do not put yourself under too much pressure if something is not happening right away. Don’t strive for perfection, rather strive for continuity, and give your change time. One thing’s for sure: if you stick to the plan, you’ll see success. If you give up, you most definitely won’t.

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