Pictures & your well-being are more important than the scale!

💡 Your mirror is more important than the scale. Achievements aren’t just determined by your body weight. Find a few tips and factors below for your long-term success:


Often, we define ourselves only by the weight on the scale. But this only tells something limited since muscle mass is significantly heavier than fat mass. If you start with our concept, it may be that the muscle mass thickens, and fat is reduced. And yes – even if you don’t notice any weight change on your scale. Therefore, we recommend taking good before-after photos to document your change.

  • 80% NUTRITION & 20% SPORTS = 100% RESULT:

Nutrition is the most important success factor. A healthy, balanced diet helps you to work out and reach your goal faster and more effectively. People often try to compensate for their unhealthy eating habits with 30 minutes of exercise, where they may burn as little as 300 calories –UNFORTUNATELY THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE. A healthy diet is also a crucial prerequisite for your success in building lean muscle mass. Additionally, you can speed up your regeneration and create new training stimuli faster.


Pay attention to how you feel about your change. What has improved so far? Do you have more energy, better well-being, fewer headaches or can you sleep better? All these things are often much more important than just “how you look”. If you reduce your success experiences only to the outside, you will quickly lose motivation. Focus on your positive attitude and physical fitness!

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