More and more results get created daily with our concept of 80% NUTRITION, 20% SPORT and 100% MINDSET! 💡 THE TIPS BELOW ⬇️ can help you put together a healthy meal that provides nutrients and at the same time helps you to achieve your health goals. 1. SMART & EASY NUTRITION SOLUTIONS WITH THE CONCEPTIf […]

Breakfast? How important is it and why?

💡 A balanced & healthy breakfast can help you provide your body with important nutrients right after getting up and thus keep your blood sugar levels more constant throughout the day. Especially in the morning, the food can be processed a little better by the body. ❌ If you skip breakfast, it can often cause […]

When will I see results?

💡 Each body is different and the results strongly depend on the respective goal. Some notice changes after a week, others after a month. Sometimes, however, it can also take three to four months to achieve visible results … every pace is good as long as something changes. The following facts are to be considered: […]

Pictures & your well-being are more important than the scale!

💡 Your mirror is more important than the scale. Achievements aren’t just determined by your body weight. Find a few tips and factors below for your long-term success: Often, we define ourselves only by the weight on the scale. But this only tells something limited since muscle mass is significantly heavier than fat mass. If […]

COMMUNITY FIT CHALLENGES – how to finally get rid of your excuses!

💡DO YOU KNOW THE FEELING?  Having a hard time meeting your fitness/nutrition goals? That your motivation was thriving at the beginning, but at some point, you lost sight of your goal? Is it just too hard for you to stay consistent? Believe me 👉 YOU ARE NOT ALONE and precisely for these reasons our challenges […]